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Doll making-beginnings

... and so I started. Well, actually this is my second doll- the first one looked good but it was sculpted with earthen-ware terracotta clay, hence the chance that it wouldn't stain everything it comes in contact with was close to none.

I also tried different polymer clay- I'm personally not a huge fan of those. But it is just a matter of preference. The kneading really bothered me! I wasted so much time just doing that instead of sculpting. Then again, I haven't tried all of them.

I have been looking for something that would dry fast enough so that when touching the already sculpted parts they wouldn't get damaged or lost shape.

I am now working with DAS air drying clay- pure awesomeness! I hear LaDoll is easier and better to work with; apparently when mixed with Premier, nothing can compare in the sculpting doll world!

The artist Hannie Sarris helped to create a ready mix of those two clays: Premix.

I am planning to try that as soon as I can get it delivered.

In the meantime, some photos... :)

(Please ignore the size of the bum, it will be a bit smaller eventually.)

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